Public Trust

“Sunlight is the best disinfectant. As your attorney general, I will see that allegations of public corruption are investigated and charges brought against it to protect the interests of Oklahoma’s citizens. I will be a watchdog for Oklahoma and for all Oklahomans.” We must root out corruption at its highest levels in order to restore public faith and trust in our institutions. When taxpayer money entrusted to public servants disappears, somebody must be held accountable

Tribal Sovereignty

The utmost trust and respect must also be extended to each Native American tribe in Oklahoma. These governments have tribal sovereignty and as such, it is the crucial work of the attorney general to respect and honor our agreements with all the Native American tribes in Oklahoma for them to be treated with utmost dignity. The attorney general must also coordinate with the Corporation Commission to ensure efficiency in government and fight against corruption and fraud through a united front, so as to not duplicate efforts, thereby saving taxpayers money.

Government Transparency

The office of the attorney general is a watchdog for all the other agencies of government in state. For our great democracy to continue to function properly, our government must be transparent. Therefore, the attorney general must uphold the Open Records Act and Open Meetings Act. Recently in Oklahoma, the Board of Health violated the Open Meetings Act because of their lack of transparency with regard to implementation of medical marijuana initiative, SQ 788 because the agency did not publish the proposed rules before the Board of Health took a vote. Please see my press release for my response on the issue. The Department of Health did not have the authority to go against the will of the people. I will put a halt to covert practices such as these as your attorney general.

Furthermore, Tar Creek has been an atrocity from which some Oklahomans will never recover. The past two attorneys general in Oklahoma were discovered to be part of a heinous conspiracy to ensure no one was charged for conspiring against the state for stealing $3 million. They didn’t release the audit, or the release of the audits (ensuring that charges couldn’t be filed). Both former Attorney General Scott Pruitt and current Attorney General Mike Hunter made sure that charges were not filed even though after this suspicious activity that cost the taxpayers of Oklahoma over $3 million.

Plans and Proposals:

  • Restore faith in public institutions
  • Eliminate government corruption
  • Hold police officers accountable by integrating de-escalation techniques
  • Seek justice for those abandoned by the justice system
  • Lead by example as top watchdog for public integrity, advocate for amicable relations, and maintain open dialogue among agencies, departments, and entities
  • Litigate employment cases against state