Public Safety

My number one priority as Attorney General will be to keep Oklahomans and their families safe and secure in their homes, schools, and workplaces, and that law enforcement personnel are supported in their efforts to protect our citizenry. Whether domestic violence, criminal fraud, drug trafficking, human trafficking, violent crimes, or internet crimes against children, Mark will work with local law enforcement to ensure that our criminal laws are being vigorously enforced, while continuing reforms to our criminal justice system and expanded use of diversion programs for more cost effective treatment of nonviolent offenders in the criminal justice system.

Criminal Justice Reform

The AG is an advocate and and the state’s top law officer. As a trained economist, Mark fully understand the disproportionate costs of incarcerating people who pose little to no risk to public safety. For every unnecessary dollar spent, there is one that could have been spent better on education, healthcare, or another core function of government.

As a prosecutor, I have had no problem tough on crime, and I have had no problem recommending prison for people who committed violent crimes. As a defense attorney, he fought vigorously for sentences that made sense and didn’t fall on taxpayers’ shoulders, given a lack of criminal history, the lack of maturity, or the lack of a threat to public safety.

The State of Oklahoma should not have a vested interest in making everyone a convicted felon and sending many of them to prison. No state comes close to the rate of incarceration as Oklahoma’s, and Oklahoma currently has the dubious title of “the world’s prison capital.” Much can be done to address the highest incarceration rates in the country, and Oklahoma has taken some meaningful first steps in that direction. Mark will continue to address criminal justice reform and its impact on prisons creatively and directly without sacrificing public safety. Reforming the system does not mean relaxing a tough stance on crime. We must be smart on crime to attain better, more effective outcomes and ensure that those non-violent offenders with no criminal history can reintegrate seamlessly into society and become contributing members of our communities. Mark will work his hardest to make sure that your hard-earned taxpayer dollars are being spent on the right resources and making sure those funds are being allocated to the proper places such as education. Every dollar spent on housing too many prisoners is a dollar that could have better been spent to pay a teacher and to provide updated textbooks for our children. “I will advocate for alternative measures to handle nonviolent offenders among other reforms. I anticipate discussing potential policy changes further to achieve better outcomes as we move forward.”


Proposed Policies & Plans:

  • Ensure non-violent offender make a safe re-entry and become contributing members of society, freeing up funds for K-12 education
  • Fund for core government functions for an efficient government that is streamlined and works for the citizens of Oklahoma
  • Prevent crime by expanding outreach and education programs to nontraditional communities
  • Support gun safety and responsible gun ownership
  • Enforce prison time for violent criminals
  • Protect crime victims and rights of the accused, especially Oklahoma children by bringing sexual predators to justice
  • Strengthen the Consumer Protection Unit and ensuring a fair and safe marketplace for the people, while curbing scam artists, identity theft, and promoting privacy protections and mandating reporting for data, security, and privacy breaches.

Death Penalty

The death penalty is the most costly, least effective deterrent, and completely irreversible punishment with astronomical prosecution and appellate costs. Mark is in favor of the death penalty; however, there is no question that the death penalty has disproportionately impacted minority populations. In addition to this, the inequities of its application must be addressed and Mark will ensure that conversation must be had about justice for all in Oklahoma.

Fund Core Government Agencies

Everyone benefits from public safety when we fund core government agencies such as the District Attorney’s offices and law enforcement agencies. These offices must be an expense borne by everyone in the state, not just by the people ensnared in the criminal justice system. Mark strongly advocates for a better, more consistent source of revenue to fund the entities that keep us safe and that are not dependent upon the payment or nonpayment of select few individuals. No district attorney office should be forced to lay off assistants for budgetary reasons and public safety should not be dependent upon the zip code in Oklahoma. We must all take individual responsibility for our safety and security.

Gun Safety

I support the Second Amendment and common sense regulations that are constitutional, reasonable, and in accord with the holdings of appellate courts. Guns must be stored safely and they must be out of the hands of the mentally ill. Mark strongly values the opinion of law enforcement and their role in keeping Oklahomans safe, and supports responsible gun ownerships across the country.