Public Interest

Consumer Protection 

Attorneys general work with consumers, the business community, and federal regulators such as the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission to ensure that consumers are treated fairly. Though the office of the attorney general, Mark will fortify the Consumer Protection Unit by prosecuting perpetrators of consumer fraud. Mark plans on strengthening the Do Not Call list rules, ensuring greater consumer protection and privacy. The Do Not Call list database is only updated every three months under the current AG, which means Oklahomans may wait up to three months before they are protected from a scammer or fraudster who would take advantage of them.

The office of the attorney general must enforce stricter means to ensure a greater level of public safety offline as well as online. While the internet is a wonderful tool that many of us now use everyday and consider a necessity, it can also be a dangerous place. It creates opportunities for scammers to take advantage of our children and our elderly. As your attorney general, finding and prosecuting Internet scammers will be a top priority. We must ensure that rules are in place to stave off Internet scammers, who are a threat to our privacy and to our children. Strengthening a privacy and data security division within the office of the attorney general would provide the additional reinforcement and protection needed to protect citizens’ personal information, bolster privacy, and report data breaches.

Debtors Prison

No one benefits when we throw debtors in prison. Instead, as attorney general, Mark will focus on creating policies to help debtors get back on their feet instead of being a drag on taxpayers.


State attorneys general have a rich history of working with federal agencies to protect consumers through antitrust regulation. I will work to continue to build positive relations between these different agencies, working together to build a stronger Oklahoma for the citizens.


The interests of ratepayers, particularly in saving them money on their utility bills, is a high priority for the office of attorney general. Coordinating with the corporation commissioner to ensure that utility companies are passing on savings to ratepayers instead of perpetuating a monopoly by which they can bill customers at higher rates than appropriate. (part of AG job to ensure ratepayers are protected)

Worker’s Comp, Fraud, and Social Security Fraud

I will work hard to uncover worker’s compensation fraud as well as social security fraud. Every worker who has earned their keep must be protected from those who would cheat them out of their fair share.

Healthcare Fraud

As attorney general, I pledge to work with insurance commissions to investigate healthcare fraud. Unfair insurance policies on the part of claimants, doctors, attorneys or insurance companies must be investigated and those who have committed fraud will be prosecuted. Fraudulent federal benefits claim, medicare or medicaid fraud (e.g., insurance companies and/or doctors’ offices that are over-billing or coding incorrectly to receive more reimbursements) will also be prosecuted.

Civil Rights

The protection of civil rights has been neglected in Oklahoma under the current attorney general’s office, negatively affecting the lives of many of our citizens. Civil rights should always be protected. Lives are at stake when we do not treat every individual with the fairness and dignity they deserve. We must do a better job of investigating civil rights investigations; there are hundreds of cases where young people of color are being arrested without bail everyday in Oklahoma. As your attorney general, I pledge to protect the people of Oklahoma in all civil rights matters so that all may be treated fairly and equally under the eyes of the law to pursue liberty and happiness as their natural born right.

Proposed Policies and Plans:

  • Ensure that Do Not Call database is updated every two weeks
  • Prosecute internet scammers and predators to the fullest extent of the law
  • Coordinate with corporation commission to pass on savings to ratepayers
  • Build a plan so that debtors get back on their feet and become contributing members of our society instead of rotting in jail on the taxpayers’ dime.
  • Investigate all healthcare fraud and prosecute fraudulent claims
  • Investigate issues of civil rights to ensure fairness in our communities