Enid News & Eagle: Enid resident supports Mark Myles for AG

Enid resident supports Mark Myles for AG

The last eight years have been a disaster for Oklahomans.

We are last or nearly last in multiple categories including education, health care, infrastructure and crime/corrections. This is simply unacceptable. Change must happen now.

Let’s be honest, Mary Fallin’s administration has been a catastrophe, leading the state through a string of budget failures followed by devastating cuts, Supreme Court litigation, and multiple special sessions that lasted weeks and got nowhere. Only after Oklahoma students and educators finally said, “Enough is enough” and launched the teacher walkout did Mary Fallin, her administration and the party she leads in the Legislature finally do the right thing and choose funding teachers and classrooms over preserving tax breaks for the wealthy.

Oklahoma is in trouble, and we need change at all levels of state government.

That’s why I’m supporting Mark Myles for Attorney General.

Myles has never been a lobbyist.

Myles has never been a political appointee or a state government bureaucrat.

Instead, Myles is a working courtroom lawyer with firsthand knowledge of the problems facing Oklahoma’s criminal justice system. As a prosecutor, a public defender and a private attorney running his own small business, Myles has experience at every level of the Oklahoma criminal justice system.

We don’t need the same old Fallin appointees running Oklahoma government.

We need change.

Please consider joining me in voting for Mark Myles

Stephen Cameron, Enid