Statement Regarding Poultry Operations in Northeast Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, OK —  Mark Myles supports the Spring Creek Guardians group in their fight to protect their lands, air, water, and Oklahomans from the pollution and poisoning causing by the explosive poultry farm growth in the northeastern Oklahoma.

“The proliferation of these poultry operations has problematically lacked transparency both in their operations and oversight. Airborne pollutants and surface and ground water/aquifer-transporting, industry-emitted waste materials contribute to the destruction of a clean living way of life in eastern Oklahoma. This must change. We have to protect the people and the land, air, water, and soil they depend on. The continuation of this flagrant corruption only ends with Oklahomans’ lives and the ruination of their land. We deserve leadership that will guarantee our children clean air to breathe and pure water to drink lest we create another Stilwell where people’s lifespans are drastically shortened,” Myles stated.

“It is clear that the quality of life is being severely diminished because of the stench, the pollution, and the debris– and neither our governor nor our attorney general Mike Hunter are doing anything about it. This is heinous behavior, an abdication of their responsibility, and a failure of leadership on their part, especially given the history of other sites such as the Tar Creek Supersite and knowing that our kids are getting sick right now. Their inaction is simply unconscionable. We need new leadership that will actually put people over profits and protect Oklahomans,” Myles stated.

Under my direction, the office of the attorney general will redouble its efforts to work with all of the stakeholders to reduce the threats to our resources and protect our people and our children. I am running for Attorney to protect the people, our resources, advocate for fairness under the law, and a transparent and open government where the people get answers and special interests are held accountable,” Myles declared.  

“I support the people of northeastern Oklahoma in all their efforts for transparency in zoning laws and state regulations governing poultry operations in Oklahoma, as well as their efforts in seeking cooperation with agencies and officials. We must always put people over profits and we must thus understand the any potential impacts on health and water before moving forward in building even more poultry operations.”