Finding and prosecuting internet scammers and predators will be a top priority.

Oklahoma City, OK —  Oklahoma City attorney and Democratic nominee Mark Myles firmly supports beefing up privacy and data protections for Oklahomans. “The job of the attorney general is to keep the people safe, both online and off. Finding and prosecuting internet scammers and predators will be a top priority as your next attorney general.”

The office of the attorney general must enforce stricter means to ensure a greater level of public safety offline as well as online. “While the internet is a wonderful tool that many of us now use everyday and consider a necessity, it can also be a dangerous place. It creates opportunities for scammers to take advantage of our children and our elderly,” Myles commented. “I propose to strengthen a privacy and data security division within the office of the attorney general and provide the additional reinforcement and protection needed to protect citizens’ personal information, bolster privacy, and report data breaches.”

We must ensure that rules are in place to stave off those would harm us, and those who are a threat to our privacy and to our children.” Each year, almost 18 million Americans experience identity theft, and a whopping 35% of those fraud claims and 19% of identity theft complaints have impacted seniors, which 17% impacted children. Fraud and identity theft include credit card fraud, holiday shopping fraud, imposter scams, mail identity theft, medical identity theft, mortgage fraud, synthetic identity theft, tax id theft, and W-2 scams.