We’re ready to take on Mary Fallin’s hand-picked attorney general.

Oklahoma City, OK —  Oklahoma City attorney and Democratic nominee, Mark Myles, has his eyes set on the Office of Attorney General and is gearing up his campaign. “Mike Hunter was hand-picked by Governor Fallin, not the people of Oklahoma,” Myles stated. Hunter was appointed by Governor Fallin after Scott Pruitt left Oklahoma for an ill-fated tenure as head of the EPA, which resulted in his resignation after myriad scandals. Hunter barely survived the primary runoff against Gentner Drummond, eking by with 271 votes. “Hunter was Pruitt’s right-hand man and he’s still following in Pruitt’s footsteps, as we’ve seen with the Tar Creek debacle, where both Pruitt and Hunter buried public information.” Earlier this year, a judge rejected Hunter’s request to throw out a valid open records lawsuit, which ultimately revealed the conspiracy against the state. The conspiracy remains uncharged by the AG’s office. “We have clearly seen how Pruitt and Hunter operate: just like the Tar Creek Superfund site, they have both been a monumental catastrophe for Oklahoma, at the expense of Oklahomans’ health and $3 million in taxpayer money.”

“The Fallin Administration, including Hunter, has driven this state into the ground, with a record of undermining the will of the people and supporting corporate and special interests over the people,” Myles stated. The failure of the state government under Governor Fallin resulted in the teacher walkout. Governor Fallin is the least popular governor in America with a 74% disapproval rating. “Oklahomans overwhelmingly disapprove of Fallin’s leadership. Keeping Hunter in office means continuing the failed policies of the Fallin Administration. That’s not what Oklahomans want as we have seen with her dismal approval rating,” Myles stated.

Mark Myles is an independent attorney who practices administrative, criminal, family, and civil law in Oklahoma City. Mark’s experience in the courtroom as both as a prosecutor and a defense attorney, a critical requirement for the office of attorney general, surpasses that of Hunter, who has never tried a jury case. Mark is licensed to practice before the Oklahoma Supreme Court, the United States Court of International Trade, the United States Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States District Courts for the Western, Northern, and Eastern Districts of Oklahoma.

“I will always put people over politics, and I will be a watchdog committed to transparency, accountability, and fairness under the law,” Myles declared. Myles’s platform takes on public health, public trust, public interest, and public safety. “This race is not about me, it’s about you and the people of our state. Now is not the time to be sitting on the sidelines– we have too much at stake.”