Join the #77Strong Tour


Oklahoma City, OK – Mark Myles, Democratic candidate for Oklahoma Attorney General, announced his #77Strong Tour today. “I am traveling to each and every one of Oklahoma’s counties, meeting every Oklahoman I can, showing support for all the folks in the state, listening to their concerns their frustrations with Oklahoma politics. I’ve traveled to almost half of the counties so far in the state, all the way up to Guymon, down to Valliant, and back again. It’s been over 10,000 miles so far!” Myles stated. “I know how tired Oklahomans are of their elected officials putting politics and special interest ahead people,” he continued. “I’m a proud Oklahoman. I am running for Attorney General to protect and advocate for Oklahomans, to enforce the law and uphold the Oklahoma Constitution,” Myles declared.

“This state cannot afford anymore to elect any more people who put profits and special interests over people,” Myles declared. “Oklahomans comes first, and they will always come first. I am committed to being a watchdog and protector of the people. I will hold everyone accountable, no matter their status, their political party, or what office they hold. I will always put people over politics,” Myles stated.

Myles began campaigning all over Oklahoma in the May this year. “I’m visiting all 77 counties in Oklahoma over the next 13 weeks to meet as many Oklahomans I can to show that I’m ready to go the distance as their attorney general.” Echoing the words of President Abraham Lincoln: “Our government is of the people, by the people, for the people. It would be both a privilege and an honor to serve Oklahomans and it would be by Lincoln’s words and the Oklahoma Constitution that the office of attorney general must abide.”

Mark’s running on the platform of public safety, public health, public trust, and public interest: “My number one priority as attorney general will be to keep Oklahomans safe and secure in their homes, schools, and workplaces, while supporting law enforcement personnel in their efforts to protect our citizenry.”