Attorney General Candidate Mark Myles Criticizes Trump Executive Order on Migrant Family Detainment

June 20th, 2018 – Mark Myles, candidate for Oklahoma Attorney General, strongly criticizes the executive order signed by President Trump today to continue detaining asylum-seeking families at the border.

“Not rescinding the ‘zero-tolerance’ policy means that families will now be detained together, likely for long periods of time given the backlog of cases and dearth of immigration judges.” In 2015, the median wait for an immigration hearing was 404 days.

This executive order claims that it will “keep families together” but in fact seeks to overturn the law that prohibits indefinite detention of children and families in criminal prisons and jails. “Let me be clear: this is a policy of indefinite family detention,” Myles stated, “and under current interpretation of the Flores settlement law, children cannot be detained for longer for 20 days or in criminal jails and prisons. This, and all of the law’s additional standards must remain intact even if they are incarcerated with their parents.”

Myles denounces President Trump’s executive order as a manufactured crisis whereby children are either forcibly removed from their families or entire asylum-seeking families are jailed for extensive periods of time as a means to fund huge expansions of immigrant jails. “We must not undermine the larger picture in what this administration and the GOP are seeking: a change in law that supports and seeks a drastic increase in immigration jails to hold innocent people hostage for long periods of time with zero legal recourse. This is repugnant behavior on the part of this administration and its enablers and I will not stand for it,” retorted Myles. “They should expect a long and arduous court fight. Locking innocent people up is part of horrible histories, including our own, that we should never strive to repeat.”

As Attorney General, Mark Myles is committed to upholding the Oklahoma Constitution, protecting the public, natural and public resources, and rooting out corruption at all levels. “I will restore the great traditions of the office of Attorney General by protecting the people, not special interest.” Myles is focused on continuing criminal justice reform with cost-effective measures that help reallocate funding for education and healthcare, as well as promoting prevention policies for addiction, fraud, and abuse.”

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